Technical Assistance

Our specialized resources support you in the studies and achievement of your projects.

This offer’s scope of concern encompasses all activities, including, amongst others:

  • Calculations: predimensioning and dimensioning, assumptions reports, calculation notes…
  • Design & studies: conception, layouts, projects management and assistance, synthesis…
  • Implementation: scheduling, steering & coordination, supervision, inspection, HSE, commissioning…

All our staff is trained and certified in accordance with requirements or constraints of work sites. This service approach creates expertise, reactivity & adaptability


This service offer is an intermediate offer, being situated between Technical Assistance and flat-rate Engineering.

Under internal management, a complete team of managers and technicians will be dedicated to handle an industrial project as a whole, directly at or near to the customer’s site.
It is through our indicators for productivity, flexibility, reactivity and capitalization as well as through an optimization of technical solutions and budget that we will provide an obligation of results in terms of quality of the work we achieve.

Our references

  • France

    Engineering study for the deposit of an application for authorization to operate
  • Niger

    Complete Project Management for two storage plants Tahoua and Maradi
  • Chad

    Engineering, design, procurement and works supervision for the construction of a hydrocarbon multi-product storage plant of 24 000 m3 capacity
  • Ivory Coast

    Construction of a requalification unit for gas bottles
  • Cameroon

    Project management of a 19km 12” natural gas pipeline in the town of KRIBI in CAMEROON

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